Haruka naru Yakusoku (2006)

Haruka naru Yakusoku (2006)

Other name: Haruka naru Yakusoku (Obeshanie) ~ A Fated Love that Conquered 50 Years Time


There is a story of a grand love torn apart by the Russo-Japanese War. It is an incomparable love story, crossing the borders of Russia and Japan and surmounting fifty years time. The true story of one woman who continued to wait because she loved, and one woman who said farewell because she loved. And a man who, bolstered by the love of these two women, struggled through the most extreme of circumstances and survived. Can you believe it? Broadcast on "Kiseki Taiken! (Miraculous Experience!) Unbelievable" in February 2004 with tears and talk throughout all of Japan, this is a true tale of the miraculous love of one man and two women that still exists even to this day

Director: Mizuta Naruhide

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2006

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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